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Happy New Year
to my friends, family and clients.  Thank you for all your support in 2014!  I look forward to continuing to help both you and your animal companions in 2015.

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It is my passion and my privilege to help you and your animals in your own path to wholeness.

Many health concerns, ours and our pets, can be linked to tension and stress. The energy pathways in our body become blocked when we are under prolonged stress, or are injured or ill, and these blockages reduce the bodies ability to function effectively.

Complementary holistic therapies help to balance the body's energy by releasing blockages and restoring the flow of energy. This encourages the body's own healing processes so that health and well-being can be more abundant.

Hands-on therapy, such as reflexology and animal massage can reduce pain, increase range of motion, relax the body and allow for better functioning. This holds true for both people and animals.

Referrals:  As a thank you for helping me build my business, when you refer two new clients to me, you will receive your next visit free (this applies to Reflexology and Quantum Touch sessions). 

Services include:

  Hand and Foot Reflexology
  Pet Reflexology
  Quantum-Touch Energy Healing
  Touch for Health
  Equine Massage / Bodywork
  Small Animal Massage / Bodywork
  Chakra Balancing, for people and animals
  Distance Healing, for people and animals
  Self Created Health sessions


As an energy worker, Alison has become a trusted member of my health-care team. I feel safe to share my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic processes with her.  I am confident that she will receive, listen, deeply hear and integrate these sharings non-judgmentally, and will discern which of her many tools she might use in the moment to assist my healing process.  While I don't expect "miraculous" results, they do happen sometimes! . . . and over the period of the past few years, Alison's style has helped me discover extremely valuable insights into my continued development as my own work-in-progress.   I am very thankful Alison is in my life!  Eleanor, Whitehorse  

About Me

I founded Elemental Holistic Therapies in 2009, offering services to both people and their animals. 

I am the only certified Quantum Touch® Instructor in the Yukon, a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist, and an Advanced Certified Equine Massage Therapist.

Currently, the services I offer include hand and foot reflexology for people, a variety of bodywork treatments for animals which includes equine and small animal massage; equine vertebral realignment; cerebral spinal fluid re-balancing; fascial release, and Quantum-Touch® Energy Healing for both.  I teach both Level 1 and Level 2 in Quantum Touch.

I have always loved and been around animals – as a child I volunteered at Stanley Park Children’s Zoo in Vancouver, and I fondly remember hand-feeding the fruit bat; sitting in the pen with a baby black bear on my lap; and working with Fudge the beaver.

Working at a small animal veterinarian clinic in Vancouver for 6 years before returning to school and obtaining my legal assistant certificate, I embarked on my second career, working at law firms for over 20 years.

Upon moving to the Yukon in 1991, I took stock of my life and embarked on a new path.  I am passionate about helping animals and their caretakers in their own journeys to wellness.

In January 2012 I became the first and only Certified Quantum Touch Level 1 Instructor in the Yukon.  And in August 2013, I became the first and only Level 2 Instructor in the Yukon.  
My training has been varied and diverse:

Anatomy for Healers:

Level 1, October 2014

Touch for Health:

Level 1, October 2014
Level 2, October 2014

Quantum Touch:

Level 1, August 2008
Core Transformation, March 2009
Level 1, November 2011
Level II, April 2010
Level II, March 2013
Self Created  Health, October 2012
Instructor - Level 1, January 2012
Instructor - Level 2, August 2013


Pet Reflexology, June 2008
Basic Holistic Foot Reflexology, January 2009
Advanced Reflexology-Professional skills, May 2009
Advanced Reflexology-Clinical Skills, May 2011
Hand Reflexology, March 2013
How to Relieve Chronic Foot Pain, September 2013

I carry the designation Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist [RCRT] through the Reflexology Association of Canada.

Equine Massage & Body Work:

Basic Equine Massage Therapy, August 2009
Equine Vertebral Realignment, August 2011
Advanced Equine Massage Therapy, October 2011


Animal Communication Series, June 2010
Indian Foot Massage, October 2012
Energy Healing Basics, January 2013
Certified Law of Attraction Basic Practitioner
   Training, January 2013
Canine Conformation, 2014

Emotional Freedom Technique:

Level 1, December 2009
Level 2, April 2010

Reiki (Usui Ryoho Tradition):

Level 1, March 2003
Level 1, July 2009
Level 2, July 2009

Publications / Interviews:

Horse Conscious, Beyond Horsemanship, Article October 2014 http://www.horseconscious.com/health/love-makes-world-go-round

Reflexology Article in What's Up Yukon, November 7, 2013 issue

Horses Up North Magazine, monthly articles

Interviews with CBC Radio, Yukon News, and Up Here.


  • International Association of Animal Massage & 

  • British Columbia Association of Animal Massage &   
       Bodywork Professionals

  • Quantum Touch Inc.

  • Reflexology Association of Canada
  • Alberta Chapter of Reflexology

  • Animal Wellness Network

  • Yukon Wholistic Health Network

Volunteering (Past or Present):

  • Freedom Trails Therapeutic Riding Association, keeping the horses healthy and happy!

  • Mae Bachur Animal Shelter

Gift Certificates available

DISCLAIMER:  My services are not a substitute for medical / veterinarian advice or care.
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