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I wanted to let you know that we make use of it on a regular basis! Somehow my left hip likes to creep upwards overnight, so CH assists me in the mornings by putting his hands on my hips and we can adjust it just fine this way!  Also, when I get too eager with my knitting projects, my shoulders tend to round forward - and we can fix that quite easily as well! It is always so stunning when the body parts move miraculously!!  Thank you so much for introducing this technique to us! I am glad that you are providing this great service to our community, and that you keep it going with the healing circles.   NH, Whitehorse

On Tuesday afternoon I got a bad migraine, which lasted a long 18 hours.  I awoke Wednesday morning with the usual hangover effect, a dull headache and extreme sensitivity to light, but the difference this time was instead of a few hours of this hangover effect, it  dragged on for the rest of the week, over the weekend and on Monday morning, I still was feeling groggy, with a sore head and very sore eyes.    Alison offered Quantum-Touch.  I sat in a chair with my eyes closed.  Alison held her hands around my head.  At first I felt a tightening in the middle of my back for some seconds which was followed by a sensation of pressure traveling up the back of each side of my neck, continuing up and out the top of my head.  Suddenly there was a series of pin pricks on the very top of the right side of my head, which was not unpleasant, more a tingling sensation.  I opened my eyes and discovered that my pain and discomfort was reduced to half.  Alison then concentrated on my eyes and again I felt the pressure traveling up the back of each side of my neck , but this time the pressure came out each side of my head above my ears.  In addition to the pressure, I could see dark red behind my closed eyes; the color swirling at first and then becoming more even and calm, like wavy waters becoming quiet.  I came away with my pain being reduced to almost nil, and a slight residual pressure at the base of my skull.  And now Hurrah!  For today, the first day in a week, I am without discomfort.  My head no longer throbs, my eyes are only typically sensitive to light and I feel no pressure in my shoulders, neck or head, and instead I just feel relief and much appreciation.   The entire session took five minutes.  Amazing!            JD, Whitehorse

One woman who came to a Quantum-Touch Healing Circle had quite serious long-term injuries to her neck, which she wanted to work on.  She emailed me the next day and said  "I had forgotten to mention at the start of our session that one of the biggest things I've been living with is ringing in my ears (guess I was so used to it I didn't think about it). BUT, since the treatment, the ringing has completely disappeared -- completely. It's been, I can't even remember how many years I have been living with it. I also want to thank you for helping my 14 year old inner child feel safe enough to let go".   DT, Whitehorse    (And she reports that things continue to shift for her)

As an energy worker, Alison has become a trusted member of my health-care team. I feel safe to share my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic processes with her.
I am confident that she will receive, listen, deeply hear and integrate these sharings non-judgmentally, and will discern which of her many tools she might use in the moment to assist my healing process. 
While I don't expect "miraculous" results, they do happen sometimes!  . . and over the period of the past few years, Alison's style has helped me discover extremely valuable insights into my continued development as my own work-in-progress.   I am very thankful Alison is in my life!     Eleanor, Whitehorse 

Wow, I cannot believe how well I feel. Last evening when I got off your table my arm was cured!  No kidding - cured! And even though it was a bit stiff when I got up this morning - it is just so much better - and no pain.  I was also full of energy last night - something very unusual for me - I think I slept 4 hours last night and yet I feel good.  This was by far the BEST EVER reflexology treatment I have ever had.  Pat, Whitehorse

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