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I offer private, individual sessions and group demonstrations and classes. 

My services include:

  • Reflexology
  • Muscle TuningTM
  • Quantum Touch® Energy Healing,  Emotional Clearing and Chakra Balancing

Feeling off? Gotten more clumsy lately? Having trouble concentrating?  Here is a short video on a quick technique that`s easy to learn- and will help you concentrate better, walk better, and can even reduce pain!

How Holistic Therapies Can Help You!

Complementary, holistic therapies are increasingly common in people looking to take more control over their own health and wellness.

The popularity of many non-mainstream, non-Western practices (such as relaxation exercises, meditation, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy . . . . and many more), has grown dramatically in the last number of years.

While the holistic services offered here are complementary in nature, and are not a replacement for regular medical care, they are a great addition to your medical care.

My cozy office is set up for you to relax and let your worries fall away, so you can focus on your own inner healing. 

Holistic therapies are designed to treat the entire person - mind and body - rather than just the ailment.  Sessions help to balance the body by releasing blockages and restore the flow of energySome of the benefits you will see by coming in for regular sessions include:  

Stress Reduction 
Greater Sense of Well-Being
Reduced Pain and Tension
Greater Relaxation
Increased Range of Motion
Help with Chronic Conditions
Reduced Anxiety                           
Increased Vitality
Help Reaching Your Goals with Ease
   and Clarity
     Balanced Emotions                   

Many of the health concerns in ourselves (and in our pets of course), are linked to anxiety, tension and chronic stress. 

(If you have pets, check out my animal healing website www.healingforyourpets.com)

Energy pathways in our body become blocked when we are under prolonged stress, injured or ill, and these blockages reduce our body's ability to function effectively.

Not processing our emotions and releasing them also leads to blockages, which in turn can create physical dis-ease.

I am passionate about helping you in your own journey to a more balanced state of health.

So what are the holistic therapies I
offer, and how can they help you?  

Check out full descriptions
on the SERVICES page

Muscle TunersTM International:

Muscle Tuning™ is a system of balancing muscles that is fast and can be used at the side of any sports field, event, in a gym or office - anywhere! 

If you’re an active outdoors type or a hard core athlete, Muscle Tuning™ can bring you more ease and more power.

If you’d simply like to be able to walk up the stairs more easily and with less knee pain, give me a call! Muscle Tuning™ is for ALL BODIES!

Your body parts don't work in isolation. Groups of muscles work together to lift an object or to allow you to bend down.  When one muscle isn't operating at 100%, other muscles take on a greater load. While this allows you to function in your every day life, eventually the muscles that are working harder will start to complain and can become strained and injured.

In a Muscle Tuning™ session, we isolate one muscle away from any “helper” muscles by strategically positioning that body part and pushing it through a specific range of motion against light resistance - hence the term “muscle testing”. If that isolated muscle isn’t working properly, it will be hard to hold against that light resistance. When we find muscles that aren’t working effectively, we can strengthen that muscle by activating certain reflexes to restore the proper communication between the muscle, the nervous system, and the brain.

This simple activity immediately improves the strength ratio between opposing muscles, helping to prevent injury due to one muscle pulling too strongly against a weaker opposing muscle.

For FIVE FREE tips that will help you focus and reduce pain:

For even more tips, check out the ENERGYBOOST 10™ ($16.00 USD):

Touch for Health® Specialized Kinesiology:

Touch for Health is a system of balancing posture, attitude and life energy to relieve stress and aches and pains.  After a balancing session, you will feel lighter,  function better, be more effective, have more clarity and more.  We use muscle testing to talk to your body, find the imbalances and stressors, and then holistically correct those imbalances. 

JAW Reset®:

If the normal balance of the Tempo-Mandibular Joint ("TMJ") is "off", due to accident, injury, dental surgery, chronic stress, the muscles in your jaw may be too tight. This affects more than just the muscles - it affects the bones and the nerves.  A tight TMJ impacts the sphenoid bone and the first cervical vertebrae, the entire skeletal system and even the digestive system.

Balancing the jaw resets the TMJ, the muscles, bones, nerves and your entire body!  Your body will thank you.

ENERGY HEALING:  Quantum Touch® / Rahanni /  Chakra Balancing:

A heart centered modality, Energy Healing enhances the body`s energy flow and helps to correct disturbances in the “human energy field”, supporting the ability of the body to heal itself.

Working on an energetic level as well as working with our chakras influences our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Profound shifts can occur and pain can be reduced to virtually nothing. Peace, calm and relaxation follows.


Reflexology is NOT a foot massage – it is a hands-on method of stimulating specific reflex areas on the feet and hands which energize all parts of your body. Reflexology reduces stress and allows your body to function optimally. Sleep better, have more energy, relax and feel great! 

Relief from Chronic Foot Pain:

A combination of regular foot reflexology, take home exercises and specific foot protocols, this is a series of sessions designed to relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, and many other forms of chronic foot pain. The number of sessions needed is unique to every individual; package deals are available once we’ve assessed how many sessions may be needed.

Access Bars®:

The Bars are a series of 32 points on the head that hold all our thoughts ideas, beliefs and emotions. Lightly touching the Bars clears away and release those old energies stuck in the brain and the body, allowing you to perceive your life, body and relationships with clarity and ease, and to make changes in your life that come easily.

Emotional Freedom Technique®:

EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture, without the needles. Instead, we stimulate certain meridian points on the body by tapping on them with our fingertips.  It’s useful for just about any emotional, physical or performance issue you can name: reducing food cravings; reducing and eliminating phobias; managing pain; reaching your goals faster than you thought. Combining tapping and speaking positive affirmation works to clear the emotional block from your body's bioenergy system.

Self-Created Health®:

Through a series of two or more sessions, using a specific set of questions and body awareness exercises, together we identify, release and transform energetic blocks and unconscious patterns in your life, allowing you to attain profound forgiveness and infinite love. SCH is based on the premise that the body gets sick as a form of communication from our Higher Self.


Add-ons are mini sessions in Touch for Health,
Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Access Bars,
Hand Reflexology, Chakra Reflexology.

Package Deals - buy 4 sessions at
a reduced price.  Contact me for details.


Can’t decide? Come in and
together we will decide what options might work best for your goals and desired outcomes!

Can’t come to me? 
I offer DISTANCE SESSIONS in Energy Healing; Chakra Balancing; Emotional Freedom Technique; and
Self-Created Health.

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